Filler of peat “RT 22″

Filler of peat “RT 22” for trays and vases for dried, wet and pressed peat.

RT 22

The dual internal cone of arrival soil allows all the gradual use of peat and its containment required, fill the tray by pressing and compacting the peat “soft” or “hard”, uniformity in the filling and cleaning of the tray at the exit (function of the 2nd helicopter).

The machine is equipped with conveyor belt fot the transport of the trays, stocker down for the trays, pressure roll for the access of the tray in the filling cones, double internal adjustable helicopter, container for the peat or compost, lower belt for the recovery of the peat, cleaning brush.

- Pressure impression plate for medium drilling,
- Impression plate with rotating punches for deep drilling,
- Stocker up for the exit trays,
- Module of final accumulation of 3 meters.

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