Little seeding machine “PROMASTER”

Little seeding machine for each type of seed and tray “PROMASTER”


Ideal for semi-automatic seeding of small proportion, the PROMASTER is a seeder that uses a step by step sowing system (line by line) with a rate of 30 steps/min. (i.e. 80 trays of 160 holes per hour) through an entirely automatic process of advancement, drilling and sowing.

Thanks to an user-friendly and basic mechanism that allows to change and replace the nozzles it can be used to sow any kind of seed, vegetables or flower, coated or uncoated.

The mechanism only requires a small electro compressor (5 bar pressure requested). No electricity needed.

eed aspiration and collection system (for remained seeds), rubber nozzles (to be used for coated seeds), eight different types of nozzles (between 0.15mm and 1.50mm hoses diameter).

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