Loader of peat for big volume “BIG BALE”

Loader of peat for big volume “BIG BALE”

Big Bale

The loader Big-Bale could be utilised for the feeding of the sowing lines, pelletising machines, potting machines, mixers, with pressed peat in bales de 10-12 quintals.
The bale is charged in the back side of the loader, positioned obliquely and milled / machined from the bottom upwards in order to allow a perfect homogeneity since tailpipe (the pressed bale usually is more humid in the bottom), and then, immediately after the first mixing, is crushed by a crusher mill place in the upper side and discharged directly into the feed hopper of the machine tool. The charger is supplied with a minimum and maximum level probes.

Optional: bar of sprinklers for the humidification of the peat.

Lenght: 280 cm
Width: 175 cm
Height:  250 cm
Feeding Voltage: 380 V 50Hz
Installed power: 6 Kw
Maximum dimensions: 110x120x260 cm

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