Mixer “ELMIX”

Mixer, elevator and humidicator for big volume “ELMIX”


The machine is used for humidifying, mixing and trasporting peat automatically. The machine is mobile and it has a first hopper of capacity and meccanic re mixing of 1.2 mc.
The humidication/wetting of the loam is coming in automatic way while the product rise towards the endless screw.
at the exit the machine is equipped by probes of level control in order to ad just a correct presence of the product in the following receipt hopper.

Hopper capacity of 500 litres with mobile walls, lenght of the elevator 2 metres, double raw of nozzles, automatic discharge, start/stop with limit switch, electro valve and water filter.

Lenght: 268 cm
Width: 138 cm
Height: 200 cm
Feeding voltage: 230/400 V trifase – 50/60 Hz
Installed power: 1,5 Kw
Vacuum weight: 200 Kg

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