Mixer “MIX 1000″

Mixer big volume “MIX 1000″

Mix 1000

Automatic machine which provide to the misture of peat and loam in order to obtain soft and homogeneous compounds suitanble for the growing. It has been planned and manufacturer to mix in a short term the peat thanks to a hollow spring, to moisten the peat thanks to a bar with adjustable nozzles, to unload automatically, thanks to a loading belt, the mixture obtaines on other lines.

Equipment with load cells that permit to control automatically the quantity of water you can make wet with, the mixture in accordance with the values you established with the insertion of the weight that the mixture would reach.

Lenght: 276 cm
Width: 215 cm
Height: 165 cm
Vacuum weight: 750 kg
Feeding tension: 380 V trifase – 50 Hz
Installed power: 4,75 Kw
Basin capacity (lt): 1800 lt
Basin capacity (Kg): 330 kg

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