Mobile irrigation wing “HORTUS”

Mobile irrigation wing with recirculation pipe “HORTUS”

Mobile irrigation wing HORTUS

The mobile wing with double irrigation bar, equipped with nozzles and electronic control unit, consists of a trolley carrying the irrigation bar and a trolley carrying the wheel trolley both sliding on double rail.
Water feeding with a low density polyethylene tube.
among standard accessories there are: the access filter, the electro valve management, the electric panel in accordance with EC, the control panel with the option of programming the irrigation steps abd the report of anomalies.

- Total uniformity of the irrigation system.
- Automatic management of greenhouses irrigation.
- Reduced size of the system in rest position.
- Minimum and constant bulk for all the lenght of the nursery, not depending from the lenght of the structure.
- Empty free space between the slide rails and the ground.

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