Big bale vertical loader

Main features

  • Ideal to automatically feed seeders, pressed blocks machines, potting machines, fillers, etc.
  • Loading big bales of peat up to 6 m3 in volume weighing 1200 kg
  • Big bales of peat easily positioned inside the loader using manually-operated pallet jacks or lift trucks
  • Horizontal peat shredding, working from top to bottom of big bale
  • Ideal for use in limited space

Watch Big Bale V in action

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Safe loading of big bale at the rear of the machine and closure of protective barriers
  • Horizontal breaking up of peat using a special chain crusher
  • Platform for vertical moving of the big bale
  • Guided output with minimum/maximum peat loads in the hopper controlled by level probe

Optional features

  1. Spraying boom in outlet channel to dampen the peat

Optional 1

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