Single-rail irrigation boom

Main features

  • Extremely versatile and cost-efficient system with central single trolley support rail
  • Double irrigation bar with nozzles moving at constant speed for uniform irrigation
  • Irrigation system using PVC hose hung on hose holding trolleys
  • Ideal for short greenhouses
  • Adjustable speed from 0 to 10 m/min

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Moving irrigation trolley on single rail
  • 24V motors directly mounted on trolley
  • Sliding rail for irrigation trolley including coupling to greenhouse frame crosspiece
  • Intake filter and solenoid valve at line start
  • 220V electric panel complying with CE standards, with control unit for programming runs, adjusting speed and reporting malfunctions
  • Hose holding trolley including 4 sliding wheels for single rail

Optional features

  1. Loop at end of greenhouse to reduce space occupied by hanging hose
  2. Installation of a third separate bar for treatments and pesticides

Optional 1

Optional 2

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