Drum seeder module

Main features

  • Module suitable for automated drum drilling and sowing for high production capacities
  • Tray transported lengthwise
  • Working speed: up to 800 trays per hour
  • Suitable for all different types of plastic and polystyrene trays
  • Cost-saving, patented bar insert allowing different types of seed to be sown without changing the entire drum

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Self-loading conveyor belt for feeding the tray into the step-by-step machine
  • Drilling drum with easy height adjustment
  • Thick, height-adjustable, aluminium sowing drum
  • Seed hopper with vibration system
  • Air bars to aid seed separation
  • Vacuum pump for seed pick-up
  • Pneumatic control and adjustment console
  • Electric control panel

Optional features

1a. Advance module 2+2: 2 drilling drums + 2 seeding drums constantly in position

1b. Advance module 1+3: 1 drilling drum + 3 seeding drums constantly in position

Optional "Advance"

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