Multi-grip automatic transplanting machine

Main features

  • Electro-pneumatic machine for transplanting into pots and trays
  • Suitable for all types of trays on pick-up and deposit
  • Automatic transplanter with up to 16 grippers
  • Production capacity up to 20,000 transplants/hour (16 grippers), about 1,200 transplants/hour per gripper
  • Individually motorised grippers
  • Directly programmable from operator panel

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Conveyor belts for tray pick-up and independent deposit
  • Tray blocked at top to facilitate pick-up
  • Control of working speed, pick-up depth and transplanting
  • Possibility of lateral pick-up to protect leaves

Optional features

  1. Output conveyor belt after transplanting and other operations

Optional 1

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