Company profile

Three are the strategic areas of business that Atlantic Man. Has been servine in Italy and abroad for the past 25 years.
COLLARS, CLAMPS and camping system in general.
PLANT, MACHINERY and Automated Systems for small seedling nurseries.

Atlantic Man. Exports to all continents and is present with its own offices or with joint venture in the majority of them.

RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT are the main strategic objectives to improve the quality and the competitiveness of all our products; we also hold many PATENTS that are internationally registered and recognized.

With a strong focus to industrial development – which, especially in the last decade has involved the production systems around the world – we have always been determined to keep our production based in Italy in order to guarantee our products with the MADE IN ITALY trademark and quality.


Collars and clamps
Heavy duty clamps for the strong and heavy professional applications: agricolture, industrial, motors, naval industries.
For completing the production range we have also the “Small Clamps”” with tightening worm for the “light” application and the gardening.

Flexible Pvc and Rubber Hoses
Flexible hoses for suction and flowing, for the big dealers, agricultural and industry.

Machineries and Equipments – Technology for Greenhouses
Automations of all kind of small nurseriers in the area of Orto Floro nurseries; greenhouses for growing and production.
With the pool of companies and professionals involved and represented, we are able to offer TECHNOLOGY and the indispensable KNOW-HOW necessary to realize EQUIPMENTS extremly functional and productive, necessary for the development of modern GREENHOUSES, managed by the human resources of the place, adequately trained and mechanically assisted.