The Advantages of Insert Bars in Drum Seeding Lines

Our patented system revolutionizes the seeding process in greenhouses and nurseries.

Inside greenhouses and nurseries, flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to the needs of different crop varieties are essential to optimize time and maximize productivity.

Our patented seeding system with insert bars, installed on our range of drum seeding lines, fits perfectly into this context, representing an innovative and advantageous solution for all horticultural professionals.

How do Insert Bars work?

Special brass insert bars, available with different hole sizes, are housed inside the seeding drum. These bars aspirate the seed and release it precisely into the trays, guaranteeing impeccable seeding results.

Practicality and Savings

In traditional drum seeding lines, converting production or carrying out maintenance work requires replacing the entire drum — a time-consuming and costly process. With our system, however, there's no need to change the seeding drum. Instead, simply replace the brass insert bars using a set with a specific hole size for the type and shape of the seed you want to process. This drastically reduces costs and simplifies machine management.

Flexibility and Versatility

Thanks to our complete insert bar kits, it is possible to adapt the line to the specific needs of the crops, ensuring an optimal seeding process with every seed variety.

Precision and Quality

In addition to practical and economic advantages, the use of insert bars also ensures a tangible improvement in seeding quality, minimizing waste and maximizing the yield of protected crops.

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