Washing and disinfection

The seed trays used in greenhouses and nurseries, before being reused, need to be thoroughly washed with water and treated with a sanitizer to remove organic residues and prevent the potential transmission of diseases or other pathogens from one plant to another in subsequent uses. Atlantic Man. offers different solutions suitable for washing and disinfecting all types and sizes of trays used in the horticulture field, such as plastic, polystyrene and thermoformed trays and crates.
Tray washers made by Atlantic Man. are automatic and modular-designed machines completely built in AISI304 stainless steel (or, upon request, in AISI316 stainless steel) which gives them solidity and stability and they are able to clean and sterilize automatically and deeply all types of containers.
Inside the washing chamber, the dirty trays are initially water sprayed by high pressure nozzles that guarantee not only high cleaning performance, but also significant energy savings compared to the use of water heating systems. After the first washing, the trays are mechanically cleaned by high rotation brushes on both sides to remove the most stubborn residues and finally rewashed with high pressure nozzles. Once the washing process is completed, the crates are sanitised with a solution chosen according to the different crop needs. Both the washing water tank and the disinfectant tank are equipped with a recycle system that guarantees the machine water suitable for the application, limiting waste or excessive consumption.
All the tray washing machines made by Atlantic Man. can be customized to solve different cleaning and sanitizing needs through the installation of different optional that can transform the working unit into a complete and more efficient washing line.