Protected crops can be various and have different treatment and care needs, but they all share the primary need for water: in order to have the right conditions for an optimal growth, each plant must receive the right amount of water and a proper irrigation system is essential to achieve this goal while limiting waste. Atlantic Man. offers fully automatic irrigation and crop care systems that can be applied to different configurations of greenhouses and nurseries. Irrigation booms made by Atlantic Man. can automatically provide water, alone or in combination with other nutrients for the fertigation depending on the different production needs, moving longitudinally within the greenhouse, and maintaining the same speed and pressure for a homogeneous irrigation. The mobile wings of irrigation, before starting each cycle, pre-discharge the remaining water to start with a correct irrigation both in terms of temperature and choice of solution, while the actual irrigation process takes place through a double row of nozzles connected to a trolley that slides on a suspended rail system (single or double). The management of the irrigation program allows to give to the crops only the necessary amount of water and substances, enabling a more homogeneous distribution and an important water and time saving compared to manual irrigation.
For each irrigation boom, it is possible to adjust both the speed (from 0 to 10 m per minute) and the number of runs through a control unit. The irrigation wings can be programmed, powered and managed even remotely, using a remote control or a remote programming that allow you to have control over the entire irrigation cycle. For more precise irrigation, you can also add additional nozzles to the ends of the wings to increase the amount of water and solution provided to the edges (edge effect).