Double-rail irrigation wing V5

Double-rail irrigation boom with wide trolley V5

The double rail-irrigation wing V5 with wide trolley made by Atlantic Man. is a system for uniform irrigation and fertigation of protected crops that can be applied to any type of greenhouse or nursery. The operation of this irrigation system is like that of the double-rail irrigation boom HO, but the “V5” system is distinguished by its high reliability and greater solidity on particularly long structures and with long greenhouse step distances: a wider width between the rails allows the use of a wider bar support trolley that gives greater stability to the structure and the use of a higher density polyethylene tube that is more resistant to stretches.
The design of the special section of the tubes used as rails gives a high stability to the entire structure, eliminating the bending of the irrigation trolley during the run.
Each irrigation cycle can be managed either through a control unit that allows you to select the number of runs and the speed of the bars (from 0 to 10 m per minute), or through a remote control that allows you to set, manage and control the entire irrigation process. It is also possible to install a third bar for the distribution of pesticides or other specific treatments and integrate additional nozzles to the wings already available to improve edge irrigation.

Double-rail irrigation wing V5

Main features

  • Mobile wing consisting of irrigation bar support trolley and hose carrying trolley running on double central rail
  • Double irrigation bar with nozzles at constant distance for uniform irrigation
  • Irrigation system with high density polyethylene hose
  • Space saving system at both ends of the greenhouse, regardless of length
  • Adjustable speed from 0 to 10 m/min

Watch Mobile Wing "V5" in action

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Motor and reverse heads connected by steel cable to drive the trolleys
  • Moving irrigation trolley on double rail with recirculation hose
  • Hose carrying trolley to support entire polyethylene hose
  • Central bracket to input liquids into sliding trolley
  • Sliding rail of irrigation trolley includes coupling system to greenhouse horizontal frame and crosspieces to support the rail
  • Intake filter and solenoid valve at line start
  • 220V electric panel complying with CE standards, with control unit for programming runs, adjusting speed and reporting malfunctions
  • Option to add nozzles on the sides to improve edge irrigation.
Double-rail irrigation wing V5-technical scheme
Double-rail irrigation wing V5-panoramic
Double-rail irrigation wing V5-trolley running
Double-rail irrigation wing V5-detail
Double-rail irrigation wing V5-panoramic2

Optional features

  1. Installation of a third separate bar for treatments and pesticides
  2. Remote control for remote irrigation management

Optional 1

Double-rail irrigation wing V5-Installation of a third separate bar for treatments and pesticides

Optional 2

Double-rail irrigation wing HO-Remote control for remote irrigation management

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