Automatic transplanting machine TPA

Multi-grip automatic transplanting machine

The multi-grip automatic transplanting machine TPA made by Atlantic Man. is an electropneumatic system for transplanting into pots or trays for seedlings of any size used in greenhouses and nurseries. This automatic transplanter can be equipped with up to 16 individually motorised grippers and allows to perform up to 20,000 transplants per hour, equal to about 1,200 transplants per gripper. The trays travel on independent conveyor belts and the pick-up belt is equipped with a blocking system at the top that facilitates the extraction of the seedling.
The operator can manage both the working speed, and the pick-up depth of transplanting.

Automatic transplanting machine TPA

Main features

  • Electro-pneumatic machine for transplanting into pots and trays
  • Suitable for all types of trays on pick-up and deposit
  • Automatic transplanter with up to 16 grippers
  • Production capacity up to 20,000 transplants/hour (16 grippers), about 1,200 transplants/hour per gripper
  • Individually motorised grippers
  • Directly programmable from operator panel

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Conveyor belts for tray pick-up and independent deposit
  • Tray blocked at top to facilitate pick-up
  • Control of working speed, pick-up depth and transplanting
  • Possibility of lateral pick-up to protect leaves
Automatic transplanting machine TPA-technical-scheme
Automatic transplanting machine TPA-16 grippers
Automatic transplanting machine TPA-grippers
Automatic transplanting machine TPA-grippers plant
Automatic transplanting machine TPA- plant
Automatic transplanting machine TPA-detail
Automatic transplanting machine TPA-detail plant

Optional features

  1. Output conveyor belt after transplanting and other operations

Optional 1

Automatic transplanting machine TPA-optional

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