Peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX

Peat or soil mixer/humidifier

The peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX made by Atlantic Man. serves a dual function inside greenhouses and nurseries: humidifying and mixing the substrate. This soil processing system is the ideal solution to automatically feed seeding lines, peat fillers, pressed block machines, etc.
Inside the machine, the peat is poured into a 500 litres storage tank where it is crushed, chopped, mixed, and finally transported through a cylindrical lift in which, before proceeding to the unloading, a double row of nozzles humidifies the substrate according to the different production needs.
It is also possible to add to the “ELMIX” humidifier minimum and maximum peat level probes in the first storage hopper to stop any automatic feeding of previous machines and equipment, such as big bale loaders.

Peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX

Main features

  • Mainly used to humidify, but also to mix and transport the peat
  • Ideal for automatic feed of sowing lines, fillers with damp peat, pressed blocks machines, etc.
  • First 500 litre storage/mixing hopper

Watch Elmix in action

Operating stages/installed devices

  • The peat is loaded into the first hopper to be mixed and transported using a screw conveyor through the 3-metre long cylindrical lift
  • A double row of nozzles, which can be individually selected via two ball valves powered by a solenoid valve, humidify the peat as it moves, based on production requirements.
  • The dampened peat is then discharged with automatic stop/start controlled by minimum/maximum level probes
Peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX-technical scheme
Peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX-double row of nozzles
Peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX-aerial view
Peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX-screw conveyor
Peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX-exit

Optional features

  1. Probes in the first storage hopper for possible “on demand” supply from big bale or mixer.

Optional 1

Peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX-Probes in the first storage hopper
Peat or soil mixer/humidifier ELMIX-optional

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