Peat or soil mixer MIX1000

Large-scale peat or soil mixer

The peat or soil mixer MIX1000 made by Atlantic Man., mixing different substances such as peat, soil, vermiculite, perlite, clay, etc. allows to obtain homogeneous professional compounds that can be used in greenhouses and nurseries. This mixing system is the ideal solution to automatically feed seeding lines, pressed block machines or other working units.
The elements to blend are loaded into a mixing tank, whose capacity can reach 1800 litres and 330 kg of weight, and the inner screw proceeds to the mixing: working evenly inside the tank for a time set by the operator, the mixer returns a homogeneous result. The compound obtained is then conveyed to the next line by a chain elevator and it is possible to automatically manage the flow using minimum and maximum level probes on the next line. It is possible to adjust the correct degree of humidity of the mixture by adding inside the mixing tank only the necessary amount of water.

Peat or soil mixer MIX1000

Main features

  • Ideal for automatic feeding of sowing lines, pressed blocks machines, etc.
  • Used for mixing different peats and topsoil, as well as other material, such as vermiculite, perlite, clay, etc., for professional evenly-mixed composts
  • Possibility of adding water to achieve the correct degree of humidity of the compost
  • The inner screw ensures perfect mixing, working uniformly throughout the tank
  • Tank capacity: 1800 l/330 kg

Watch Mix 1000 in action

Operating stages/installed devices

  • The components are loaded into the mixing tank and mixed for a set time.
  • The compost obtained is conveyed to the next line by a chain elevator, with the possibility of automatic flow control using min/max level probes.
Peat or soil mixer MIX1000-technical scheme
Peat or soil mixer MIX1000-detail
Peat or soil mixer MIX1000-aerial view
Peat or soil mixer MIX1000-inner screw
Peat or soil mixer MIX1000-exit

Optional features

  1. Equipment with load cells (1a) for automatic programming (1b), based on indicated weight of the various compost elements, such as for example the different types of peat or the precise amount of water required.

Optional 1a

Peat or soil mixer MIX1000-Equipment with load cells

Optional 1b

Peat or soil mixer MIX1000-automatic programming

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