Drum seeder MS800

Drum seeder module MS800

The drum seeder MS800 made by Atlantic Man. allows those who have high production needs to automate the stages of drilling and seeding plastic, polystyrene and thermoformed trays of any sizes, thanks to a seeding capacity that reaches 800 trays per hour.
The container is inserted in the seeding machine lengthwise thanks to a self-loading conveyor belt and passes under a first drilling drum that realizes the hole in which the seeds will be released thanks to the second sowing drum with brass insert bars equipped with micro-holes through which the seed is suctioned. A pair of blowing bars facilitates the detachment of double seeds, thus ensuring a precise sowing tray. The advantage of the patented insert bar system is that it is not necessary to replace the entire drum when converting production, but it is enough to replace the already installed brass bars with others with different drilling holes, depending on the size and shape of the seed you want to process, thus saving on the costs of the equipment supplied with the machine. The versatility of this system also allows you to install two additional modules to optimize the seeding process: the first, “Advance 2+2”, consisting of double drums for both drilling and sowing phases, while the second, “Advance 1+3”, consists of one drilling drum and three sowing drums.

Drum seeder MS800

Main features

  • Module suitable for automated drum drilling and sowing for high production capacities
  • Tray transported lengthwise
  • Working speed: up to 800 trays per hour
  • Suitable for all different types of plastic and polystyrene trays
  • Cost-saving, patented bar insert allowing different types of seed to be sown without changing the entire drum

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Self-loading conveyor belt for feeding the tray into the step-by-step machine
  • Drilling drum with easy height adjustment
  • Thick, height-adjustable, aluminium sowing drum
  • Seed hopper with vibration system
  • Air bars to aid seed separation
  • Vacuum pump for seed pick-up
  • Pneumatic control and adjustment console
  • Electric control panel
Drum seeder MS800-technical scheme
Drum seeder MS800-side view
Drum seeder MS800-sowing drum
Drum seeder MS800-console
Drum seeder MS800-sowing drum-2

Optional features

1a. Advance module 2+2: 2 drilling drums + 2 seeding drums constantly in position

1b. Advance module 1+3: 1 drilling drum + 3 seeding drums constantly in position

Optional "Advance"

Drum seeder MS800-advance module

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