Vertical tray washing machine LV400

Vertical tray washer LV400

The vertical tray washing machine LV400 made by Atlantic Man. automatically washes and disinfects trays and crates for seedlings of any material and size used in greenhouses and nurseries, ensuring a production capacity that reaches 400 containers per hours.
Once manually inserted in the machine and positioned lengthwise, the containers are subjected to the washing process thanks to a system of high pressure water nozzles. Next, the LV400 tray washer continues with the mechanical brushing of the trays on both sides to remove solid residues remained inside the cells or on the external surfaces and sanitising with a disinfectant solution chosen according to production needs. Finally, the containers are manually unloaded by an operator at the end of the washing.
To make the washing and disinfection process even more efficient, it is possible to install on the vertical tray washing machine LV400 a destacker module of dirty incoming trays and a module for the automatic stacking of cleaned and sterilized trays.
For higher cleaning and disinfection performance, have a look at our LV1200 high-capacity tray washing machine with overturning system.

Vertical tray washing machine LV400

Main features

  • Structure made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Tray transported in vertical, lengthwise position on conveyor belt
  • Variable working speed from 50 to 400 trays/hour
  • Suitable for washing/rinsing/disinfection of all different types of trays

Watch LV400 in action

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Manual input of dirty trays
  • Tray washing with 4+4 bars featuring 4 nozzles each.
  • Mechanical brushing of tray on both sides, positioned after the first sprayer bar for thorough cleaning of trays
  • Centrifugal pump with stainless steel 5.5KW body and impeller
  • 300-litre washing water tank by mechanical filtration
  • Inspection hatch
  • Disinfection system with syphon tube in dedicated tank
  • Manual removal of clean trays
Vertical tray washing machine LV400-technical scheme
Vertical tray washing machine LV400-exit
Vertical tray washing machine LV400-exit-2
Vertical tray washing machine LV400-brushes
Vertical tray washing machine LV400-panel

Optional features

  1. Water heating element
  2. Destacker module and 90° input feed of dirty trays
  3. Fan for drying trays
  4. Module for stacking washed trays at 90°

Optional 1

Vertical tray washing machine LV400-Water heating element

Optional 2, 3

Vertical tray washing machine LV400-optionals

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