Covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000

Covering-watering-stacking module CBA 1800/3000

The covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000 made by Atlantic Man. allows to complete the post-sowing process of plastic, polystyrene and thermoformed trays and crates of any size used in greenhouses and nurseries. Available in both compact version (L=1800mm) and standard version (L=3000mm), this machine guarantees high performance, dealing successfully up to 1200 trays per hour. The module consists of three working units: a drum that covers the trays with vermiculite, a system of perforated bar showers that proceed to the watering of the covered cells and an automatic stacker of the trays ready for the germination process. The trays go through the different phases of treatment by sliding on honeycomb belts to ensure them the greater adherence.
In addition, it is possible to install a pre-watering system with perforated bar showers for watering the soil before the cover or to replace the drum with a vermiculite/sand/peat covering dispenser. At the end of the line, you can also add a final accumulation conveyor belt for stacked trays.

Covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000

Main features

  • Available in both compact version L=1800mm and standard version L=3000mm
  • Adjustable speed for covering-watering-stacking
  • Tray transported lengthwise
  • Working speed: up to 1200 trays per hour
  • Suitable for all different types of plastic and polystyrene trays

Watch CBA in action

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Tray conveyed on honeycomb belts to ensure greater adherence
  • Vermiculite cover drum dispenser, operated by tray position limit switch to prevent waste
  • Shower heads for watering by 5 perforated bars with solenoid valve to avoid water wastage
  • Lower tanks to recover vermiculite and water
  • Automatic height adjustable stacker
  • Electric control panel
Covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000-technical scheme
Covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000-detail
Covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000-Automatic height adjustable stacker
Covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000-Shower heads
Covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000-detail-2

Optional features

  1. Shower-heads by 3 perforated bars for watering before covering
  2. Peat/sand/vermiculite covering dispenser
  3. Final accumulation conveyor belt for stacked containers NAF2000/NAF3000

Optional 1

Covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000-shower heads

Optional 2, 3

Covering-watering module CBA 1800/3000-optionals

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