Step-by-step seeder PROMASTER

Seeding machine PROMASTER

The step-by-step seeder PROMASTER made by Atlantic Man. allows to sow any type and size of trays and crates for seedlings in plastic, polystyrene and thermoformed, thanks to a seeding capacity that can reach 150 trays per hour. The step-by-step seeder PROMASTER works entirely with compressed air: this ensures an important energy saving compared to electrical systems. The tray automatically advances in the seeder step by step and is first subjected to the drilling process, then a bar with brass nozzles suctions the seeds and places them inside each cell, row by row. Finally, the leftover seeds are recovered thanks to a dedicated suction system. Once the seeding process is completed, it is possible to easily change the kit and convert the production to another type of tray. According to the crop needs, it is also possible to easily replace the nozzles used for sowing trays with other similar of different diameters, with multi-hole nozzles that allow to sow more than one seed inside the same cell or with silicone nozzles for pilled seeds.

step-by-step seeder PROMASTER

Main features

  • Compressed air operation with no electricity required
  • Working speed: 30 cycles/minute
  • Suitable for all different types of plastic and polystyrene trays
  • Quick and easy replacement of seed sowing kit for tray changeover

Watch Promaster in action

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Automatic row by row feed
  • Drilling and seeding cycle
  • Seed pick-up with quick-change suction nozzles
  • Recovery suction system for leftover seeds
step-by-step seeder PROMASTER-technical scheme
step-by-step seeder PROMASTER-trays
step-by-step seeder PROMASTER-seeds
step-by-step seeder PROMASTER-system
step-by-step seeder PROMASTER-detail
step-by-step seeder PROMASTER-drilling

Optional features

  1. Brass nozzles with hole 0.15-0.20-0.25-0.30-0.35-0.40-0.50-0.60-0.70- 0.80-1.00-1.20-1.50
  2. Multi-hole brass nozzles for sowing multiple seeds in the same tray cell
  3. Silicone nozzles for coated seeds hole 0.50-1.00-1.50

Optional 1

step-by-step seeder PROMASTER-multi-hole brass nozzles

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