To ensure a healthy and strong growth of protected crops it is necessary to start with a proper management of the seeding in the trays. Atlantic Man. offers a wide range of sowing solutions for greenhouses and nurseries that can meet any production need, from seeding machines to fully equipped seeding lines. The seeding systems made by Atlantic Man. are fully automatic and allow to put all types of seed in plastic, polystyrene or thermoformed trays or crates of any size. The step-by-step seeder represents the starting point for the automation of the seeding process: this machine can meet medium-low production needs but guarantees meticulous precision and an important time saving compared to manual sowing. Drum seeding lines, however, respond effectively to high production needs and stand out for their ease of use: the patented brass bar insert system allows the release of the different types of seed into the tray without replacing the entire drum when converting the production or in situations where maintenance is required. 
To complete the seeding cycle, Atlantic Man. also provides a module dedicated to the completion of the post-sowing process of the trays, consisting of three units intended respectively for the coverage of the cells with vermiculite, peat or sand, the irrigation with water and the stacking of the outgoing trays.