International Energy Saving Day: Atlantic Man’s commitment against waste

On February 18th, businesses are also invited to reflect on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Sunday, February 18th will mark the 19th International Energy Saving Day, established in 2005 to promote more conscious energy use, reducing environmental impact and minimizing waste. This event doesn't only concern individual citizens: companies are also encouraged to contribute to the well-being of the planet through the optimization of their production systems and the implementation of more sustainable management practices.

At Atlantic Man., we have been actively committed for years to greater eco-compatibility, adopting concrete measures to rationalize resource usage and reduce consumption, while maintaining high product quality.

Photovoltaic System

We have installed a 96-kW photovoltaic system on the roof of our headquarters in Castelnovo di Sotto (RE, Italy), allowing us to meet 70% of the company's energy needs, significantly reducing emissions and using clean energy to produce our hose clamps and systems for greenhouses and nurseries.

LED Lighting

To reduce consumption and cost, we have replaced all incandescent bulbs and neon lights with LED lighting systems: compared to the previous system, LED bulbs do not contain harmful gases or polluting materials, last 50 times longer, and are up to 80% more energy efficient.

ISO 14001

To demonstrate our commitment to making the company more sustainable, not only from an energy perspective, we are working to obtain
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification, taking concrete measures to reduce pollution and limit the environmental impact of our activities.

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