LV400 vs LV1200: Which Tray Washer is Best for Your Nursery?

Investing in the right tray washing system improves operational efficiency and ensures superior cleanliness of seed trays.

Washing and disinfection lines for greenhouses and nurseries play a crucial role in preventing diseases in horticultural plants. Thoroughly removing organic residues from seed trays significantly reduces the risk of spreading diseases and pathogens, thereby improving the quality and yield of protected crops.

LV400 Vertical Tray Washer and LV1200 High-Capacity Tray Washer by Atlantic Man. represent advanced solutions for washing and sanitizing seedlings supports, each with specific features suitable for different needs.

Common Advantages

  • Both models are designed to simplify and speed up the washing and disinfection process of seed trays, allowing for time and cost savings through the reuse of trays for multiple seeding cycles.

  • Made of stainless steel, both systems ensure corrosion resistance even in particularly aggressive working conditions, guaranteeing long-term reliability.

Key Differences


Production Capacity and Speed

Ideal for small to medium-sized greenhouses, LV400 guarantees excellent efficiency in washing and disinfection. With a production capacity of 400 trays per hour, it is perfect for those looking for a practical solution to achieve high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.


LV400 operates manually, but can be equipped with various optional features, such as automatic stacking and de-stacking of trays, to enhance automation and reduce manual labor.

Size and Space Occupied

If space is limited, LV400 is the ideal choice due to its compact design and greater flexibility.


Production Capacity and Speed

Designed for large nurseries, LV1200 handles higher volumes of washing and disinfection. With a capacity of 1200 trays per hour, this model significantly reduces overall washing times and increases productivity. Its advanced overturning system also ensures thorough and complete cleaning of each tray.


LLV1200 is fully automatic, minimizing manual intervention — especially in the U-configuration — and reducing long-term operational costs.

Size and Space Occupied

If production capacity is a priority, LV1200 is the most suitable solution, particularly for large greenhouses and nurseries.

Which System to Choose?

The choice between LV400 and LV1200 depends on your specific production needs and the size of your nursery. If you are looking for a compact, efficient, and flexible system, LV400 tray washer is an excellent choice. If maximum production capacity with minimal manual intervention is your priority, LV1200 is the perfect solution for you.

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