The Crucial Role of the Dibbling Mechanism in Greenhouse and Nursery Seeding

Our dibbling module is the key to successful seeding.

The healthy and vigorous growth of protected crops begins with proper management of seeding: each phase of the process is crucial and can directly influence the quality and yield of the harvest. In particular, a well-defined dibbling is crucial for the development of horticultural plants. If the dibbling is inaccurate or misplaced, seeds do not settle correctly in the cells, compromising the growth of seedlings and consequently, their yield.

To tackle this challenge, at Atlantic Man. we offer a wide range of technological solutions for seeding in greenhouses and nurseries.

Advanced Seeding Technologies

Our TTL800 and TTL1200 seeding lines stand out for their innovative dibbling mechanisms, which enable unprecedented precision.

TTL800 is equipped with an integrated pneumatic plate on the same transport as the seeding line, while TTL1200 features an electrical plate with separate transport from the seeding module. These systems ensure optimal process control, guaranteeing a proper conformation of the hole according to the specific needs of the crops.

Why Choose the Dibbling Plate?

Compared to traditional seeding lines with dibbler drums, Atlantic Man.'s new solutions represent a significant advancement in efficiency. Although dibbler drums can be faster, they tend to be less precise. The plates of our seeding lines, on the other hand, are equipped with different punches according to the seeds being handled, ensuring proper hole formation for each specific variety.

For Impeccable Seeding Results

Looking to optimize the seeding process and maximize the yield of your protected crops? Contact us to discover the system best suited to your production needs!

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