Why include a peat filler in greenhouses and nurseries production lines?

Our RT25 ensures incomparable uniformity, filling speed and cleanliness.

With the mixture obtained by shaving the big bale of peat, you can move on to the trays filling. Compared to manual techniques, a filler automatically deposits and compacts into the trays only the necessary amount of substrate to guarantee a proper crop growth, ensuring a uniform distribution of the soil inside the cells and avoiding any waste.



That’s why we, at Atlantic Man., have designed and developed RT25: a versatile filling system for greenhouses and nurseries, able to process any type of tray and that returns excellent results both with dry peat and soil, both with moister substrates.

So why choose our filler for your productive activity?

Uniform Filling

A uniform filling ensures an optimal growth of seedlings: our RT25 replaces the traditional helicopter peat distribution system with a four-arm presser roller that, compared to previous solutions, ensures a more homogeneous filling over the entire width of the tray.

Speed and Accuracy

Our RT25 can automatically fill up to 1200 trays per hour and it can be easily configured through an electrical panel: by precisely adjusting the presser roller speed, its direction of rotation and its distance from the tray, the operator always keeps full control over the whole process. Also, inside the filling bay there are two adjustable level probes that allow both to control the amount of peat and to prevent it from exceeding, avoiding any problems with the correct functioning of the system.

Thorough cleaning of seed trays

With our RT25, you can achieve previously unimaginable levels of cleanliness: the excess peat is removed thanks to a spillway system with the addition of a cleaning brush, integrated inside the filling bay, bringing back a clean tray without having to make separate adjustments. In addition, at the end of the machine there is a a motorized roller conveyor that unloads any residues directly on the lower recovery belt of peat, which proceeds in the opposite direction reintroducing the excess substrate in the storage hopper, thus preventing it from being wasted or conveyed in subsequent modules.

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