Partialize irrigation inside greenhouses to combat waste

Thanks to our mobile wings, Di Girolamo farm has optimized the irrigation process of its protected crops.

The water crisis has also affected the plant nursery sector, requiring horticultural professionals to reorganise the resource management: to avoid waste, it is necessary to find the right balance between maximizing production and water consumption. The old irrigation systems did not allow to control the process taking account of the organization of the spaces and the actual needs of the crops, but modern irrigation systems are more efficient and can be programmed by evaluating these aspects, thus reducing environmental impact, managing staff time and activities better and cutting overall costs.


Di Girolamo farm in Sabaudia (Latina, Italy) has relied on us to manage the irrigation process of its protected crops more efficiently. Its cultivations are very heterogeneous and are arranged throughout the length of the greenhouse: however, inside the structure there are also areas not occupied by the seedlings.

The goal of our customer, therefore, was to control the irrigation process to bring the right amount of water and solutions for fertigation only in the cultivated areas, considering the needs of each variety and avoiding water usage in empty sectors.


Considering the configuration of the greenhouse and the production needs of the customer, we have installed our V5 double rail irrigation wing, which allows a uniform irrigation and fertigation of the crops on particularly long structures, adjustable through an electric touchscreen panel that allows to control the position of the irrigation trolley during the run: in this way, it is possible to manage in a personalized way the number of steps and the speed, partializing the irrigation and avoiding wasting water where it is not needed or distributing nutrients to crops that do not require special treatments.

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