From Production Greenhouse to Nursery: the 4.0 evolution of Di Girolamo Agricultural Company

Atlantic Man. is a strategic partner in this transformation.

In the era of Agriculture 4.0, where efficiency, automation, and sustainability intersect, even the world of horticultural greenhouses and nurseries undergoes profound changes.

An emblematic example of this revolution is represented by Di Girolamo Agricultural Company, based in Sabaudia, Italy. Born as a small cooperative with production greenhouses for zucchini on an area of 7-8 hectares of land, taking advantage of the innovation opportunities offered by Transition 4.0, it has transformed into a modern nursery that today successfully manages about 250 hectares of protected crops.

At Atlantic Man., we have supported Di Girolamo in this evolution, providing our many years of experience in the sector and our best technologies for greenhouses and nurseries.


Di Girolamo's drive for innovation was mainly guided by the desire to:

Atlantic Man.'s Contribution

In this growth path, Atlantic Man. has guided Di Girolamo towards the adoption of the principles and practices of Agriculture 4.0. In addition to offering consultancy and support in the functional reorganization of structures (such as pallets for trays) and spaces (such as the lean-to greenhouse), we have provided innovative technological solutions for a more efficient management of production processes.

Thanks to our V5 irrigation boom the company is now able to precisely control the irrigation process, to supply water and nutrients only in the areas that are actually cultivated or that require special treatments, drastically reducing consumption and waste.

With our XXL2400 drum seeding line, the nursery can now manage very high production capacities, guaranteeing precise and uniform seeding inside trays thanks to our patented insert bars system.

Our LV200 tray washer has automated the washing and disinfection process of the seed trays. Furthermore, its compact design allows effective space organization and management by a single operator.

The Achieved Results

Thanks to our support, Di Girolamo has managed to create and operate an efficient, modern, and sustainable nursery for the cultivation of a wide variety of horticultural plants.

Furthermore, the agricultural company has finally achieved vertical integration, as it is now able to manage and control the entire production cycle internally, from production to harvesting, packaging, and shipping, reducing dependence on external suppliers.

Towards Agriculture 5.0 with Atlantic Man.

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