Managing Phytosanitary Treatments with Irrigation Booms

How to care for horticultural plants in greenhouses and nurseries while ensuring operator safety.

Despite being in controlled environments, plants cultivated inside greenhouses and nurseries are not completely immune to diseases, pests, or other pathogens that could compromise their development. Alongside proper irrigation e fertigation, accurate management of phytosanitary treatments is essential to protect crops and ensure high-quality production.

An Integrated Solution: Irrigation, Fertigation, Treatments

All our mobile wings of irrigation can be equipped with an additional boom dedicated exclusively to phytosanitary treatments. Depending on production needs, you can choose between two options:


Plastic Boom

The low-pressure plastic boom is the most economical solution, perfect for basic preventive or curative treatments. Working at a maximum pressure of 6 bars, it ensures an efficient and controlled product application.

Stainless-steel Boom

The stainless-steel boom, equipped with ceramic nozzles, offers advanced precision and uniformity. Ideal for large greenhouses and nurseries or to meet special care or prevention needs, it works up to 20 bar of pressure, ensuring accurate and homogeneous nebulization of treatments.


Using our irrigation wings for phytosanitary treatments provides significant benefits. Compatible with any greenhouse or nursery setup, our mobile booms enhance application effectiveness and precision through personalized treatment distribution.

Moreover, they protect workers while carrying out activities: by using the programming functions of our irrigation booms, operators can manage the process remotely, remaining outside the treatment area and thus reducing the risk of chemical exposure.

Take care of your protected crops!

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