ELMIX: the Solution for Quality Substrates in Greenhouses and Nurseries

Optimal growth of protected crops begins with proper peat or soil processing.

Ensuring healthy and vigorous growth of protected crops requires optimal processing of the substrate, to achieve the ideal consistency and humidity level for each variety.

Our ELMIX peat or soil mixer-humidifier represents a significant innovation in substrate preparation, capable of increasing seedling yield and improving production efficiency in greenhouses and nurseries.

A Dual-Function System

The ELMIX peat mixer-humidifier performs two functions: it humidifies the substrate and breaks it down into finer particles. This combination results in a homogeneous mix that can absorb the optimal amount of water and nutrients, making it perfect for filling seed trays.

Substrate Humidification

One of the most innovative features of ELMIX is the substrate humidification system. Equipped with a double row of nozzles, which can be activated individually by solenoid valve, this mechanism allows precise and controlled water distribution. This way, the moisture level can be adjusted according to production needs, reducing water waste and optimizing resource use.


ELMIX is an extremely versatile system and integrates perfectly into a production line, especially in combination with technologies that require a large water supply, such as our RT19 peat filler.

ELMIX ensures that the substrate is always properly humidified, thus guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of subsequent processing systems.

Maximize the Yield of Your Crops!

By choosing ELMIX, you guarantee your crops a high-quality substrate, promoting their proper development. Additionally, you can reduce operating costs and minimize resources waste. Contact us for more information!