Watering shower heads: the irrigation solution in seeding lines for greenhouses and nurseries

Sprinklers allow to control the amount of water supplied to covered and sown trays.

To ensure the optimal growth of protected crops inside a greenhouse or nursery, it is crucial to accurately regulate the amount of water to be added to the trays, once filled and sown, before sorting them towards the germination chamber. Each plant variety has specific moisture requirements, so it is essential to maintain full control over the watering process of the substrate contained in different supports.

Watering Modules

On our drum seeding lines, watering stations can be integrated. These units consist of a series of perforated bar showers equipped with solenoid valves. They can be independently activated through a touchscreen panel, allowing for the uniform distribution of water to sown and covered cells, thus avoiding any wastage.

As an alternative to the rain shower delivery mechanism, it is possible to choose the nozzles mounted on our irrigation booms, which spray water on the tray.


Having an integrated irrigation solution inside the seeding systems, besides overseeing the entire process, offers additional benefits. The wide spaces between shower heads, for example, allow the tray to absorb water gradually. Receiving too much water too quickly can prevent the substrate from retaining it, risking the compromise of plant growth and increasing consumption and waste.

Moreover, commonly used materials for covering, such as vermiculite, are mostly water-repellent. However, regulating irrigation with the sprinklers ensures that water can penetrate correctly, reaching the peat or soil in which the seed has been released.

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