The new Atlantic Man’s seeding system is here

A new seeder more reliable and user-friendly.

A new entry joins the range of seeding lines for greenhouses and nurseries made by Atlantic Man.: our R&D department has studied a new version of mechanical drum seeder, currently patent-pending and already available on the market for all horticultural professionals. 

This is the only drum seeder on the market combining the conveyor belt of the tray with a control system and seeding start non-electronic but mechanical, which has several advantages.


The mechanical process simplifies the management of the seeding cycle: the adjustment of the mechanism, in fact, does not require the operator special skills or previous experience and it is not necessary to reprogram the machine when changing the tray.

Reliability and Efficiency

The new conveyor belt system, in addition to simplifying the seeding process in greenhouses and nurseries, requires less maintenance than electronic programming systems, thus making the seeder more efficient and reliable in the long term.

Work Safety

The conveyor belt of the tray, compared to the traditional chain conveyor system, makes our seeding line more safe: all mechanical drives, in fact, are closed and protected by the belt, thus allowing the operator to work with the machine uncovered without risking injuries or crushing.

Competitive Price

A mechanical drum seeding system saves on the costs of the equipment and accessories supplied with the machine: thanks to our patented insert bar system, in fact, it is not necessary to change the entire drum when converting the production, but it is enough to replace, at the time of the change of the tray, the brass bars already installed with others with different drilling holes, depending on the type of seed you want to process.

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