The Role of Load Cells in Mixers for Greenhouses and Nurseries

An optional feature facilitating prediction and automation of substrate processing.

In greenhouses and nurseries, the use of high-quality substrates is crucial to ensure optimal growth for protected crops. Alongside loaders and fillers, mixers also play a crucial role: they are automated systems that enable the production of professional homogeneous compounds by mixing various substances such as peat, soil, water, vermiculite, perlite, clay, etc.

However, to achieve the perfect mix composition, it is necessary to carefully dose every single element. Therefore, it is possible to equip our MIX1000 peat mixer with an automatic weighing system with load cells, a tool that ensures precision and efficiency in the substrate preparation process.

Load cells: what are they for?

Load cells are devices that accurately weigh the materials poured into the mixing tank to achieve a homogeneous and balanced substrate composition according to the weights required for the subsequent filling system.

In addition to allowing precise adjustment of the quantity of peat, soil, or other elements added to the mixer, ensuring proportionality between the different components, this system can dialogue with the control panel of our big bale loader: within a production line, the latter is responsible for supplying peat to the mixer and can be set to activate only to provide the amount of soil necessary for the desired mix.

The benefits

The use of load cells, in addition to ensuring impeccable accuracy in substrate composition, allows optimization of time and resources, reducing costs and making the machining process much more efficient: accurate dosing, in fact, helps minimize mistakes, reducing the amount of water or other components that may be wasted.

Furthermore, this system enables the satisfaction of specific needs for different crop varieties, contributing to their proper growth.

For a perfectly balanced mixture

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