GR300: the grafting technique in the fight against diseases of horticultural plants

The benefits of our grafting machine to improve production of greenhouses and nurseries.

Despite having ancient origins, in recent years the practice of grafting has taken a close interest in the horticultural field: most greenhouses and nurseries, in fact, focuses on specific types of cultivation and, always working with the same varieties and in the same spaces, the likelihood of proliferation of diseases and parasites that can weaken the root system of plants, such as fusarium, increases and with it the risk of compromising the growth of the entire production. Thanks to the grafting techniques, however, it is possible to protect crops: a correctly grafted seedling, combining the best properties of two compatible starting elements, is more resistant to pathogens and more productive than a non-grafted plant.




To ensure a perfect grafting quickly and easily we have designed a special semi-automatic system, the Grafting Robot GR300.


Our GR300 system allows to accurately graft seedlings up to 4mm to make them stronger and more vigorous, employing a single operator and using two different working modes depending on the type of crops.

For the grafting of plants belonging to the Solanaceae family, such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, the robot works with two identical mirrored groups: the seedlings are cut in the stem in a complementary way and the root part (rootstock) and the aerial part (top-graft or plant variety) are joined with one of the clips available on the market.
The grafting of Cucurbits, including watermelon, melon and cucumber, takes place instead by making a complementary cut at the level of the cotyledons, that is between the two embryonic leaves of the plant to be cultivated.


Our grafting machine offers several advantages. First of all, this system allows you to organize work in a more efficient way: with the GR300, in fact, a single operator is able to make perfect grafts on average every 6-10 seconds, always having full control of the entire process.
Another advantage relates to the precision and cleaning of the cut: compared to the manual practice, our robot allows to realize perfectly coincident and complementary clean cuts, offering greater guarantees of a successful graft. In addition, the cutting blades are automatically sanitized at each cycle through a blow-disinfection-blow mechanism: in this way any organic residues of the seedlings are eliminated, the blades are cleaned, and the solution is dried so that in subsequent grafts the crops are not damaged.
Finally, with this system there is a higher yield in terms of both quality and quantity: a properly grafted plant is healthier, stronger and about 30% more productive than an ungrafted one.

Protect your crops!

Thanks to our GR300 you can ensure your greenhouse seedlings a healthier and more vigorous growth: contact us to learn more!