Double-rail irrigation boom

Main features

  • Mobile wing consisting of irrigation bar support trolley and hose carrying trolley running on double central rail
  • Double irrigation bar with nozzles at constant distance for uniform irrigation
  • Irrigation system with low density polyethylene hose
  • Space saving system at both ends of the greenhouse, regardless of length
  • Adjustable speed from 0 to 10 m/min

Watch Mobile Wing "HO" in action

Operating stages/installed devices

  • Motor and reverse heads connected by steel cable to drive the trolleys
  • Moving irrigation trolley on double rail with recirculation hose
  • Hose carrying trolley to support entire polyethylene hose
  • Central crosspiece to feed liquids into the sliding trolley
  • Sliding rail of irrigation trolley includes coupling system to greenhouse horizontal frame and crosspieces to support the rail
  • Intake filter and solenoid valve at line start
  • 220V electric panel complying with CE standards, with control unit for programming runs, adjusting speed and reporting malfunctions
  • Option to add nozzles on the sides to improve edge irrigation

Optional features

  1. installation of a third separate bar for treatments and pesticides
  2. Remote control for remote irrigation management

Optional 1

Optional 2

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